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About Us 

Gizio Recreation & Banquet Centre began as a non-profit social club for a community of Italian Canadians from a town in Abruzzo called Pettorano sul Gizio. The property was acquired by the Pettoranesi over 30 years ago and was owned by forty-nine shareholders. In the early nineties a banquet hall was built and attached to the existing house on the property but as the community moved further away from the location the club lost its patronage.

In a bid to hold on to this significant fixture of the Pettoranesi community, the property was acquired in order to hold onto the fabric of this much loved hometown and preserve the celebrated traditions, food and customs of this region. The proceeds from holding various weddings and functions will contribute towards the renovation and refurbishment of the grounds and the buildings for the enjoyment of future generations. In the coming years the management hopes to extend membership to the wider community and allow the grounds to be used for soccer and bocce tournaments, local school fundraising and charity events.

The 49 original shareholders still hold an honorary place and attend club meetings and help to plan cultural events held throughout the year such as the wonderful Polenta Nights.

The 25 acre Gizio property sits on a tranquil corner in the Ontario Green Belt countryside of the Grimsby Mountain – a beautiful country setting to visit any time of year and one that we hope will become a regular fixture in the local community – helping to host the events that make memories for years to come.

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